This is a very quick way to get your business started/off the ground quickly.

Pay-per-click is certainly not the most affordable way of advertising products and services, but it is definitely one of the more effective means of doing so. It’s advantage being that you as the client only pay once a potential client has clicked on the applicable advert. This is certainly different from the standard banner ads on the highway or pamphlets at the robots approach.

Yes, all these methods do work, but what would be the most effective?

Ask me, I spent thousands on coryx boards and pamphlet advertising methods. How many enquiries did i get back? Out of the 300 coryx boards, a mere 4 phone calls, and 1 website conversion. This was certainly not enough to cover the cost of 300 coryx boards and labour, let alone running a 2nd campaign.

Pay-per-click advertising definitely does work, if it didn’t, Google would be out of business.

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